Welcome! My name is Shirley, and I am a Christian, Wife, homeschooling mum, Indie Dyer and blogger.

I am veteran homeschooling mum, we are into our 11th year of homeschooling. My eldest daughter graduated our homeschool in 2016 and is currently studying Art and Design at art college. My youngest daughter is 17 and has one more year left in our homeschool. 

11 years ago God called us to teach our children at home and to bring them up knowing, loving and serving Him. I admit that this journey has not been the easy choice and along with the multitude of blessed and precious memories we have created I have suffered with periods of self-doubt, fear, and burnout. However God is exceedingly good and He has covered all of my short-comings and made my life's work of raising and teaching my children a blessing and it is with great joy that we see our children walking with the King! 

I am passionate about keeping my home and making it a haven for my family, raising Kingdom children, homeschooling, and living out my faith daily in action and seasonally by observing the liturgical year.

We have followed a largely Charlotte Mason philosophy in our homeschool. In exploring Miss Mason's philosophy and putting into action in our homeschool, I personally found a deep passion for nature. I am blessed to contribute to various educational publications, most of what I write is about nature study and encouraging families to take up this way of life in their homeschools and lives.

Thank you for popping by and visiting, please feel free to chime in by leaving me a comment. It is good to hear from my readers and not just see you on my stats.

May you experience every blessing today.


  1. Hi Shirley! I was following back-links from my own site, and discovered your lovely, lovely blog. :) I just wanted to say hello, and to thank you for linking to my site on your sidebar.

    I was also wondering if you might be interested in doing a guest post on my blog (I'd love to hear more about what celebrating the church year looks like in your corner of the globe), and I'd love to do a guest post for you in exchange, if you'd like.

    If you're interested, would you drop me a line? My address is jessica (dot) snell (at) gmail (dot) com. And if not, hello and thanks all the same! :) I'm so glad I found your site.

  2. Hi Shirley, I stumbled upon your blog and am so glad that I did! Are you still actively writing? I have enjoyed what I've read so far. I would love to continue reading about your life in England, as we are learning more about it among my family. God bless!

    1. Hi Jackie, how lovely to 'meet' you and thank you for your lovely comment. Yes I still actively write, I try to get in at least 3 posts on my blog a week. Sometimes more sometimes less, it just depends on what is going on in every day life 😉. Click on my 'home' page for all the latest posts.

  3. Hi Shirley
    I always enjoy your Blog although I haven't registered as a follower :)
    Christy-Lyn and I are coming to England in August. will you still be up north? I would love to see you. You can email me at alandawn@iafrica.com

  4. Hello Shirley,

    I’m here to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award and you can find the information for that here:


    Thank you for such a smashing blog!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my blog post recently. It was lovely to stop by here and "meet" you! <3

  6. Hi Shirley,
    You wrote about doing my Bible study "Everyday Women Ever Faithful God" several years ago. My Bible studies are now in print. Would you be willing to write a review for that book on Amazon? The link is https://www.amazon.com/Everyday-Women-Ever-Faithful-God/dp/154049117X/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Melanie, yes I will certainly do that. I love your Bible Studies ;)


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