Thursday, November 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Something to Ponder On Today.

Look what I found in the archives. I posted this at the end of September 2012. I'd forgotten about this but really glad to be reminded of these lovely truths.

We Leave Our Children...

Love, the most precious of all gifts - familial, brotherly and spiritual;
Our attention, for one day they may not hear us;
A value system: self-reliance, courage, conviction and respect for self and others;
A sense of humour- for laughter is life's gyro;
Discipline - else life will be a bitter teacher,
A will to work - for work well done brings pride and joy;
A talent for sharing - for society needs belief in individual worth;
The passion of truth - for truth is a straight answer, the beginning of trust;
The lantern of hope - which lights the dark corners of the mind;
The knowledge of belonging - impromptu praise, a soft caress;
A sense of wonder at - the things of nature, love of friends without reciprocity and the size of God's Word, in print so small it fits inside each heart, in meaning so great it spreads over the earth.

                                       - Author Unknown


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nature Log - First Frost!

Today we awoke to our first hard frost in southern Devon. Nature always offers up something to appreciate and marvel at and frost is one of those things for me. With the sun rising later I am able to appreciate the beauty of the sunrise at a decent hour 😊.

Can you see the tiny speck of light behind the headland on the horizon in the photograph below? 

It's a ship, at night you can pick out the ships that are staying out at sea by their twinkling lights.

Now for some frosty delights...

The pond was completely iced over trapping a leaf and feather in its icy grip...

I love how stone ledge surrounding the pond was an artwork in frost. The lichen looked beautiful in its frosty coat.

And of course the leaves...

All so pretty!

Now, on a less frosty note...look who popped in for a visit this afternoon

I do enjoy seeing the pheasants in my garden. When we lived in Chesterfield they often wandered in to see what offerings we had on the ground feeder. Now that we are back in the countryside we have them visiting daily and it is one of lifes small things that makes my heart happy.

Hope that your Wednesday has been beautiful whatever the weather in your neck of the woods 😊. I'll be back tomorrow with another 'Throwback Thursday' post. Until then...

Friday, November 24, 2017

Advent and Christmas Freebies For You

This week I've been gathering my planning supplies and looking forward into December. I like to take this Advent season and make it a time to remember. Slow down, do small things with my family that will create memories for them to carry into their adult lives, most importantly, prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

I am keeping all my plans together in a tabbed manila folder (which lives in the front of my FCS). I created a festive cover that I have stuck on the outside of my folder.

Click Here to Download

Inside, I have printed off a few festive pages to write down all my plans. When you download this file you will see that there are two different designs.

And finally, I have created this fun little plan of activities to try and do over the Advent season. It all kicks off this Sunday which is Stir Up Sunday. This, of course, is the time where you gather family or friends (or both) to make the Christmas pudding. Everyone gets a turn to stir the pudding mixture and make a wish. BBC Good Food has some great recipes for Stir Up Sunday, hop over and take a peek.

Well lovelies, I hope you enjoy these little printables and that they add a little festive cheer to your Christmas planning. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a memory-making Stir Up Sunday.